Landschaftshafen – Summer 2018

A 2-day workshop around Berlin (dates tbc).

In enclosed open spaces on opposite sides of the city are two allées—each over a mile long, both oriented on an east-west axis. One is the central tree-lined avenue in the landscape garden of Sans Souci in Potsdam. The other is a runway at the now abandoned airfield at Tempelhof. At the western end of one is a royal palace; at the western end of the other the celebrated airport terminal. Once both broad lines in the landscapes opened portals to different places—one in the architecture of the Chinese (and other) pavilions around it, the other in the flights that took off from it. Today both are abandoned: the planes no longer land, the Prussian court no longer strolls. The landscapes themselves have been parked, cut off from their original functions and from the city around them.

The workshop seeks to activate thinking about both sites (and the city and landscape) by imagining them in relation to each other. Just for starters, what would happen if you started to move elements (buildings, spaces, functions) from one site to another?

Open to all. For more information, contact Forbes Morlock