KRAATZ is a name borrowed from the side of a skip. Full, the skip is a site of potential re-use, recycling, gleaning. Empty, it is a space for play, a laboratory, a container.


KRAATZ members are:

Louise Crawford, visual artist crawfordgueneau.net
Yorgos Dimitriadis, musician yorgosdimitriadis.com
Stéphan Guéneau, visual artist crawfordgueneau.net
Forbes Morlock, literary theorist has no website
Isolde Nagel, architect, curator atrans.org
Marian Wijnvoord, visual artist marianwijnvoord.com

KRAATZ contains people born in 6 different countries, trained in 6 different practices, speaking 5 different mother tongues, living in 3 different European cities. It holds their desire to spur their own work, to collaborate on each other’s work, and to engage in collective work.

KRAATZ has no programme, no signature or style. To qualify as a KRAATZ piece, a project must involve at least two members in work they would not identify as typically their own.


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